The National SuDS Conference

Following the success of the 2012 conference, the 2014 National SuDS Conference was held in Northampton on 24th and 25th June. Attracting 140 delegates, this event provided an essential forum for debate, highlighting current, topical issues surrounding sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), in the context of uncertainty and government delays in implementing The Flood and Water Management Act.

Information for Delegates – thank you all for joining us at the conference and for your contributions to the debates. By the end of June, you will receive information on how to access and download all the presentations and other information.

Press Information – press releases on various issues and topics discussed at the conference will be issued from the end of June and we are happy to discuss dedicated articles with editors. Contact Chris Hodson via

By the end of July, all the conference presentation will be freely available to download from this website. We shall also be adding other information on the conference and the issues raised.