SuDS and Planning - Laura Kitson

Laura Kitson  

Central Bedfordshire Council has recently adopted SuDS guidance, being the first local authority to prepare and adopt guidance specifically in preparation for our forthcoming role as a SuDS Approval Body. This new role complements the authorities existing role as a Local Planning Authority. In order to exploit this dual role, we have adopted SuDS guidance as a Supplementary Planning Document. This guidance sets out local requirements for SuDS, explains what information is required when in the planning process, troubleshoots problems that may be posed on specific sites, and looks at the local environmental characteristics of Central Bedfordshire, and how they should influence SuDS design. The guidance ensures that SuDS design not only deals with surface water, but improves biodiversity, creates attractive spaces for leisure and recreation, and improves resource sustainability by protecting water quality, sequestering carbon and mitigating the urban heat island effect.

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